Testimonials from our participants

"I want to congratulate and thank you for this wonderful masterclass that took place in Wien with M. Neuhold. It was such an enriching masterclass - not only from a musical point of view but also, especially, by a human one - that my heart is full of joy, gratitude. I can't still believe, realize what happened: something magical! Thank you for all, a lot of what you have done for this appointment really impressed me. I could imagine that organize a masterclass isn't an easy work and, also, I know that, as in life, we can always do better than before but, with all my heart, I sincerely tell you that this masterclass was wonderful."
"I would like to Thank You, for Amazing week in Vienna. For me, was very delicious, both and orchestra, maestro, places etc. Really, very good course! I Will recomend for my friends!"
"The reason I chose this master class is that it is an opportunity to play high level professional orchestra, St.Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, and Sibelius No. 2 Symphony rarely in the repertory. In Addition, somehow I was attracted by the human nature of maestro Alexander Polyanichko. He is one of the greatest teachers and Conductors in the world! The orchestra was dedicated and very grateful! The tone was wonderful! I think such opportunities are invaluable for Conducting students. A conductor is born only through such opportunities. Thank you."
"…what an amazing experience it was to come to wonderful Saint Petersburg and take part in this masterclass. I already miss so much working daily with musicians. I hope we can work something out soon so that I can keep studying!"
"Thank you so much for the masterclass, it was an unforgettable experience. You really looked after us well, and everything was superbly organised. Your hard work is very much appreciated! What a wonderful teacher Maestro Polyanichko was. We were so lucky to study with him, we learnt so much from him. I definitely would love to study with him again in the future. I would really love to come back later this year for more masterclasses, so you will no doubt hear from me again soon."
"I had a wonderful time in Russia. I especially enjoyed the concert and the DVD came out great. Thank you for all your hard work."
"Before coming to Russia I knew that I would benefit from the experience. But I had no idea to what extent. Last week I learned more about conducting than I ever did in two semesters of conducting classes at my college. Maestro Polyanichko was extraordinarily helpful for me, and I am forever grateful to him for his patience, his faith in me, and the wealth of knowledge he imparted. The members of the orchestra were truly wonderful to work with. Even though there was a language barrier, I felt a higher sense of communication through the music and through a mutual appreciation and respect.

Thank you so much for all of you preparation, for answering all of my questions beforehand, for being a generoushost... I look forward to possibly workingwith you again in the future. I would really like the opportunity to come to another masterclass, or maybe even conduct one of the orchestras listed on the website."
"Many thanks to Peter the Great Music Academy for organizing Masterclass in St. Petersburg. For me, this was a very intense experience that changed my way of understanding music, because this is not only a conducting course but you can see and taste each layer of music, from technique to the heart, passion and more, with the wonderful St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Nicotra is a top level musician, with a very big talent as a communicator and I feel lucky to have met him during my growing path as a conductor! A special thanks to Dr. Elena Kostyuchenko for the perfect organization. She has a rare ability to be very professional while at the same time very kind, making each one of us feel at home! St. Petersburg is a wonderful city for music, for arts, for dreaming."
"What a marvellous experience! I want to express my sincerest thanks to Maestro Alexander Polyanichko. The workshop was one of the most valuable musical experiences of my life. I have learned more about how to conduct a orchestra in those several days than I have learned in the past several years. Thank you PGMA for this great opportunity!"
"I appreciated a lot the work we did at Peter the Great Music Academy for the following reasons: 1) you work with an outstanding orchestra which allows you to try very hard repertoire in an easy way, having no necessity to work too much on the technical side but concentrating yourself on the musical side; 2) you can benefit from the very stimulating environment that Maestro Nicotra is able to keep: it is the first Masterclass in which there was not competition among the participants, so that you can feel more free to express yourself; 3) you are in the wonderful city of Saint Petersburg, full of cultural activities. A special thank also to the perfect organization and to the very professional pianists."
"This is one of the most beneficial masterclasses it has been my privilege ever to attend (twice). Working with a teacher of the highest calibre and an excellent professional orchestra for such extended and intense sessions, as well as the congenial workmanship in the piano sessions should be every aspiring conductor's dream! My recommendation for student and professional alike is unreserved!"
"My experience with the masterclass in St. Petersburg was amazing! Everything was meticulously organized, the faculty was fantastic, and the orchestra absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend this masterclass and Peter the Great Music Academy to anyone who is seriously interested in becoming a professional conductor!"
"The Peter the Great Conducting Master class that was presented by the Musin Association was a life-changing experience for me. Held in a non-threatening and supportive environment, Professors Nicotra and Polyanichko taught the participants the fundamentals of the renowned Musin conducting technique and through close guidance helped us work with the orchestra to achieve a final performance that surpassed everyone's expectations. The St. Petersburg State Academic Orchestra was excellent to work with as they were always patient and quick to follow our directions. This course lifted my expectations of myself and has allowed me to come closer to my ambition of being a professional conductor."
"Frequentare nel Settembre 2006 la masterclass del M° Ennio Nicotra nella città di S. Petersburg, mi ha permesso di apprezzare la perfetta organizzazione della "Peter the Great Music Academy", dotata di un'orchestra, attenta e assolutamente recettiva, che ha saputo regalare a noi giovani direttori fantastiche emozioni. Il M° Ennio Nicotra, lungimirante didatta di sconfinata pazienza, artista attento e scrupoloso, è stato in grado di "stimolare" gli allievi, e non soltanto durante le lezioni, grazie alle sue straordinarie doti tecniche e maieutiche. Un plauso particolare va alla Dr. Elena Kostyuchenko che ha curato nei minimi dettagli l'organizzazione della masterclass, nonché alle due pianiste che, con estrema professionalità, hanno sostituito l'orchestra in fase di studio e che costantemente hanno spronato gli allievi affinché acquisissero una chiara ed efficace gestualità sin dall'inizio. Consiglio pertanto di frequentare le future masterclasses a chiunque voglia approfondire l'aspetto comunicativo - interpretativo della direzione d'orchestra. L'allievo troverà docenti e musicisti qualificati a soddisfare le proprie esigenze di studio."
"Peter the Great Music Academy Conducting Masterclass is a special occasion for every student who wants to improve his technique and his musical knowledge. Both maestros Nicotra and Polyanichko have helped me in such a way that is simply unforgettable! Special thanks to the amazing St. Petersburg Academic Symphony, who played with great energy and love, it was a real pleasure to work with you, guys! If you are looking for an intense, rich, professional, challenging conducting experience, this is the right place!"
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