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Nihonbashi Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra is connected with Maestro Kenichi Shimura

Nihonbashi Symphony Orchestra was newly established on 2019 with members selected very highly level of musicians worldwide.

Nihonbashi Symphony Orchestra started out with bringing music to customers in Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi.

Nihonbashi takes place in center of Japan and has been a historically birthplace of Japanese Culture, Entertainment and also Orchestra.

The original root of the JapaneseOrchestra,“Mitsukoshi Boys' Music Corps" was established in 1909. There is an anecdote that Ichizo Kobayashi, the founder of Hankyu Corporation, was very impressed by the fact of department store has their own Orchestra which led him to found the current Takarazuka Revue.

Also, in 1911, the "Ito Kuremonoten Shonen Ongakutai" founded by Matsuzakaya became the Origin of the current Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and the department store an influence as a pioneer in the dawn of Japanese PerformingArts. Although the activities of the Mitsukoshi Boys' Music Corps have ceased, we recognize that the activities of Mitsukoshi are the oldest in history and the origin of today's Japanese Orchestra.

Inheriting that history, with the Mitsukoshi Theater in Mitsukoshi department store as the transmission base, the Nihonbashi Symphony Orchestra was founded by a conductor and producer, Shimura Kenichi as a completely new style of Orchestra that unravels the history of Mitsukoshi, which has always transmitted cutting-edge cultural entertainment, pays homage to the achievements of its predecessors and inherits its identity, and also to become a highly progressive Orchestra constantly changing and is not bound by existing concepts, with international transmission from Japan to the world.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the Orchestra performances could not be held, and activities were started with chamber music performances at the Mitsukoshi Theater.

In February 2021, the first stage as the Nihonbashi Symphony Orchestra was a great success at Suntory Hall, and in anticipation of the end of the Corona sickness, the regular Orchestra performances will begin at the Mitsukoshi Theater from April 2022.

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Nihonbashi Symphony Orchestra

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