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Kenichi Shimura

Maestro is connected with Nihonbashi Symphony Orchestra Born in Kanagawa prefecture. He studied conducting under Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Nobutaka Masui, A. Polyanichiko, V. Sinaisky, E. Nikotra, and J. Biahans. He has performed with the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, the Czech National Bruno Philharmonic Orchestra, the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa, the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra, and many other orchestras in Japan and overseas. The main music and art festivals that have been performed are Russia's "150th Anniversary of Japan-Russia Friendship / Spring Festival in Japan" (2006, 2007), Bulgaria "Sophia Arts Festival" (2009), and Russia's "Winning against Germany". "Sun Festival Commemorative Concert" (2010).

From 2014, he started "GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN" and "ANIME SYMPHONY JAPAN". In 2018, in the first year of Japan-Russia cultural exchange, 31 performances were performed in 21 cities such as Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, and they were praised. Since 2013, he has been involved in many orchestra concerts of accompanying music such as movies, animations, and games as a culture and art transmitted from Japan to the world with the Tokyo Chamber Orchestra, and in 2014 he listened to the orchestra (Winds Meets).・ Start the orchestra).

He has been advocating the possibilities of orchestras with various approaches, such as holding a peace prayer concert every year 70 years after the end of the war and from 2015. Representative Director of I'm Village Co., Ltd. Tokyo Chamber Orchestra Music Partner Conductor. In 2019, he founded the Philharmonia Japan Association and produced various musicians and units, including Isetan Mitsukoshi's "Sound Concierge" and the Nihonbashi Symphony Orchestra. Since 2021, he has been the Principal Guest Conductor of the Russian National South Ural Symphony Orchestra.

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Кеничи Симура

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