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The 74th International Workshop for Conductors & Singers

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Novi Sad, Serbia

November 01-07(09), 2022

Conductors (active participants) - €1500,
Conductors (passive participants) - €400

Singers (active participants) - €500,
Singers (passive participants) - €150

Deadline for Applications:
till the class is full


Maestro Guerassim Voronkov

Info about

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National Serbian Theatre in Novi Sad Symphony Orchestra

Info about

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November 1, Tuesday, 1st day: Day Time: Maestro Guerassim Voronkov: Presentation of t the Shostakovich Symphony no.15.
Open for the public, students and mass media (Optional for the participants).

Evening Time: Meeting of (with) the participants.

November 2, Wednesday, 2nd day: Sessions with the Piano

November 3, Thursday, 3rd day: Sessions with the Piano

November 4, Friday, 4th day: Orchestra rehearsal

November 5, Saturday, 5th day: Orchestra rehearsal

November 6, Sunday, 6th day: Dressed rehearsal and Public Concert.
DAY OFF for the workshop participants.

November 7, Monday, 7th day: Orchestra rehearsal

November 8, Tuesday, 8th day: Dressed rehearsal and Final Public Concert.
Venue: TBA.


  • D. Shostakovich:
    Symphony no. 15 in A major, op. 141
  • M. Bruch:
    Violin Concerto no. 1 in G minor
  • D. Kabalevsky:
    Violin Concerto in C Major
  • Opera arias, overtures:
    We are open for your personal repertoire proposals
We are open to your repertoire suggestions.
Repertoire is the point to confirm with Maestro and the orchestra.

Master Class information:

  • This workshop is open to conductors and singers at all levels of proficiency, from beginners to professionals.
    There is no age limit.
  • The official languages are English and Spanish.
  • Assistance with Visa if necessary. Republic of Serbia is open for most of the countries, no Covid restrictions to visit.
  • All sessions can be videotaped by the participants with no limits; The best is to bring your equipment for that.
  • Final public concert will be videotaped. The performance recording will be sent to each participant free of charge (i. e. included in the price of the master class).
  • All active participants will participate at the final public concert.
  • The workshop fee covers all master class sessions.
A Certificate of Completion will be issued to each participant, whether active or passive, after the final public concert.

Places are limited - please inquire today!

Please download, fill in and send us the Participants Application form or follow to the end of the page to contact us for any questions. And send us your photo for the Final Public Concert's Poster please.

About the Faculty:

Guerassim Voronkov


Conductor, pianist, violinist and composer, Guerassim Voronkov learned his art in his native Russia and practices it in a variety of ways, from composition to interpretation all the way to arts administration and concert production.

His long-term collaboration with the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, starting as a violinist in the orchestra, then as a vocal coach and, since 2002, as first assistant director, has allowed him to take part in more than fifty productions of operas by Wagner, Janácek, Tchaikovsky, Berg, Puccini and Richard Strauss, among many others.

Guerassim Voronkov was born in Moscow in 1960. At the Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatory, he studied violin with Svetlana Bezrodnaia and piano with Anna Artobolevskaia, the latter who was a particularly major influence in his development. He completed his violin studies with Igor Bezrodni and orchestral and opera conducting with Yuri Simonov as an honor student at the Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He subsequently gave up the solo instruments to devote himself entirely to his true passions: orchestral conducting and composition.

Between 1981 and 1990 he played first violin in the Bolshoi Orchestra, where he founded, in 1988, the Bolshoi Chamber Orchestra. In 1989, he was appointed music director of the Symphonic Orchestra of the School of the Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, performing concerts and making recordings in Russia, Austria and France. At that time he was also invited to appear with different orchestras in the former Soviet Union.

In 1991 he moved to Barcelona and since then has pursued his work as conductor, concert promoter and arts manager, including the founding of the Camerata Mediterranea Orchestra in 1993 with which he performed during its seven years of existence at numerous concerts and made recordings and radio programs. Since 1998, Guerassim Voronkov has led the Simfònica del Conservatori Superior del Liceu in Barcelona and, since 2004, has been the regular conductor of the Simfònica de l'Acadèmia of the Gran Teatre del Liceu. In 2012-14, Guerassim Voronkov toured with Rolando Villazón to present the tenor's Treasures of Belcanto recording, Verdi tour 2013 and Europe tour 2014. He is now an Associate Professor (Master of Conducting) at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Guerassim Voronkov has conducted the Symphonic Orchestra of the Liceu, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Russian Philharmonic orchestra, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, Filarmónica de Bogotá.

He has worked with artists such as Rolando Villazon, Montserrat Caballé, Plácido Domingo, Elena Obraztsova among many others.

His highlights as a composer include Paganiniana for string orchestra (2001), the suite based on the opera El gato con botas of Xavier Montsalvatge (2007), Barça-Champions (in celebration of FC Barcelona's second European Cup victory) (2006), a new ending to the opera Khovanshchine of Mussorgsky that was premiered in the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona in 2007, and soundtracks to Buster Keaton's silent movie The General (2013).

National Serbian Theatre in Novi Sad Symphony Orchestra


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