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The 2nd Vienna International Music Competition

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The 2nd Vienna International Music Competition

Place: VIDEO SELECTION (no travel required to apply)
Winners' recitals: Vienna Konzerthaus (Mozart Saal)
Dates: 30 November 2019 — 28 March 2020
Prizes: over $ 35,000, Special Awards and Engagements
Deadline for Applications: 30 November 2019
Registration fee € 95 / $ 107

About the Competition

Vienna is universally considered the capital of classical music, and Wiener Konzerthaus is one of the most popular and prestigious classical concert halls, closely connected to iconic orchestras like Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Chamber Orchestra and Vienna Philharmonic.

The purpose of the “2nd International Music Competition” is to discover musicians of outstanding personality and provide awards that can launch international careers: recitals at the emblematic Vienna Konzerthaus; a video recording (all costs covered); cash prizes; many special awards, and the service of international management offered to the winners.

Music students and young professionals of all nationalities, ages and musical disciplines (piano, strings, wind, voice and chamber music) are invited to apply.

Applicants will participate in one of the following age categories: Young Artist (less than 19 years old), Virtuoso (19 to 26 years old) and Professional (no age limit, minimum age: 27 years old). In each category, many Golden and Silver medals will be awarded.

At least 10 musicians will receive a First Grand Award, and will perform at the winners’ concert at Konzerthaus (Mozart Saal). They will receive a cash prize, a recording from the concert, professional pictures and free invitations.

In order to avoid travel expenses, the "2nd Vienna International Music Competition" has been designed so that musicians can show all their potential through video recordings (no travel required to apply). The aim of this competition is to find performers with a strong artistic personality and stage presence. The emphasis is therefore not on the purely technical aspect of the performance, but also on the artistic charisma of the performer.


CASH PRIZES: each of the winners of the First Grand Awards will receive a cash prize in addition to the concert at Vienna Konzerthaus.

VIDEO RECORDING of the recitals at Konzerthaus, offered to the winners for personal use. Professional pictures will be taken as well.

MARKETING AND PUBLICITY: a promotional campaign will promote the recitals at Konzerthaus. International critics, music promoters and international managers will be invited.

INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT, Manhattan Concert Artists Award: offer to join the “Manhattan Concert Artists” roster for worldwide representation, as a free service with no

SPECIAL AWARDS: At least 30 Golden and Silver special prizes, offered to musicians who possess outstanding talent.

CONCERT ENGAGEMENTS in international venues

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